What is Creativity?

I recently wrote about How to be More Creative, but I think I should have clarified what exact creativity is first. So, thanks to a nice article on creativity I have been inspired to share my thoughts on the matter.

Creativity is nothing horribly unique only to the gifted few. Creativity is simply the answer to the willfully asked question, “can this be done differently?” Edward de Bono calls this a ‘Creative Pause’. That is, before you go on to do something, pause and ask this question. If you can answer it in a way that brings out something new and useful, you are creative.

Really then, creativity is a way of thinking. When you make this question part of your normal, everyday thought process you open yourself up to becoming a creator; someone who is creative everyday. The hard part is remembering to pause to ask yourself the question.

So, are you creative? Some call it thinking outside the box, but it’s much more straight forward than that. Just stop to think before you act. Creativity is waiting inside all of us.

Advent: Choosing my path

I never saw this coming.

Here I am, figuratively standing on the edge of a gaping abyss with no where to go but forward. Ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? If not, then find a way to see it and you’ll understand that this leap of faith isn’t easy.

There is only one difference. I have to choose between more than just one path, unlike Indiana Jones.

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Rogue Agent:Week 2.5 Review

This is a midweek review since I didn’t review the 2nd week. This last week has been different than expected. I had an out of town guest and then a trip to Reno, which I’m still on. I must say, this last week has been a dramatic shift in priorities.

I have found myself taking more time to enjoy the moment, one after the other. Bird watching, drawing, and deep meditation on spiritual thoughts.

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Rogue Agent:Week 1 Review

The first week of being a secular Rogue Agent has been amazing! I went full ahead for 3 days straight knocking off items on my long delayed list of to dos. I made a lot of progress on tasks that needed to be done, but that I never had enough mental energy for. It feels great!

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Advent: I quit my job

My first advent since the beginning of Advent Assured.

This last Friday was my last day at work. I had put my 2 weeks in a little over 2 weeks ago.  I was extremely nervous about turning in my resignation. I knew I had to do it, but I had lingering feelings of doubt. However, waiting for something important to happen is like waiting for snow in Las Vegas; there’s no certainty as to how soon it will happen.

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