Recent Activity

Not a lot of progress has been made lately. I filed my DBA for Small Presence. I was going to go in to the bank on Monday and setup a checking account, but I ran out of time. I’m going to do that Monday. Then I’m going to setup the CDG merchant account over the weekend. I have client payments waiting to be billed and I’d like to use the new merchant account.

I have also decided to stay with the VPS server instead of investing money in owned and co-located hardware right now. I will setup asterisk on the VPS and use VoicePulse Connect with a local Las Vegas phone number to conduct my business. I see no need for a toll free number right now. I can’t justify the cost per minute and per month.

I have organized a lot of my data from different sources (like thumb drives, hard drives, and miscellaneous documents) for my projects so I can prioritize my goals.

I have come up with an awesome idea for viral marketing Small Presence once it’s up and running. That will most likely grow into its own project since I feel it has a lot of potential.

Small Presence is going to be my main priority in my list of goals since I have new client work in the queue and I really need to start battle testing my new flow with Small Presence.

On a side note about this blog, I am slowly telling my friends about it. I posted a link on my twitter and will soon post on Digg and see what kind of response I get. I may wait until I get a couple interviews published first though. So keep watching for those. I’m going to be interviewing Tim Ferriss and Andy Rutledge to start.