Self-Employed Resources

Newly Self-employed or an old dog looking for new tricks? Check out some of these links to add a few tools to your belt.

  • Meet People – As a self-employed person, the value of being socialable is nearly unquantifiable(priceless). It helps you personally and can help you economically. Here are some ways to meet people and brush up on your jabber jaw.
    1. – I recently went to an Adobe Flash meetup here in egas(even though I don’t use any of their products) and met a few good people
    2. – I’ll be going to this event this weekend(June 25/26, 2011)(first one in Vegas) as a viewer(all the developer spots were taken)
    3. – I’m going to this tonight(June 23, 2011). It’s a casual co-working group.
  • Finances – Being self-employed can be a challenge simply because you are solely responsible for managing your finance records. These tools might help.
    1. – an online and simple service to track your income and expenses. Great community for Q&A, too!
    2. – a very impressive free and open accounting system with custom reports and even online bank integration!
    3. – this can help a lot with your personal finances and give you some good principles to apply toward business accounting.

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