Rogue Agent:Week 2.5 Review

This is a midweek review since I didn’t review the 2nd week. This last week has been different than expected. I had an out of town guest and then a trip to Reno, which I’m still on. I must say, this last week has been a dramatic shift in priorities.

I have found myself taking more time to enjoy the moment, one after the other. Bird watching, drawing, and deep meditation on spiritual thoughts.

I’ve been diving into a chapter of Proverbs almost everyday. It’s convenient to do as there are 31 chapters of Proverbs which lines up to every day of every month. I have found a profound peace in this daily reading. It has caused me to think about my own life, my friends, and my family. It has caused me to consider my own priorities and to mourn the priorities of others. Black Friday certainly was named appropriately. It is a dark day for mankind in the Western World as big business tries to suck the life force out of every employed man, woman, and child. This system of things makes easy to be trapped in an endless race for more, faster, better, sooner, increasingly superlative desires. It’s a sad addiction because it’s a social addiction that not many are willing to admit even exists. It’s a pitiful state of affairs that I have chosen to exclude my family from. I feel lighter inside for it. Less anxious and more able to focus on providing the means to live a life free from debt and undue need.

Lacy and I’s main purpose in coming to Reno was to visit her family so that I can get familiar. This is our 9th month of marriage, so it is time I get inducted to her circle of warm family. I have to say that I have truly enjoyed it. She is part of a very loving family. I have been benevolently named the “new guy.” It’s a title I carry with dignity. We are staying with Grandma Jean and Grandpa Ed. They live in a nice little part of Reno that overlooks the valley. The weather has been awesome and cold, which is awesome. It even snowed a little the night of our family dinner. Minus the spurts of TV zombification, this has been life at a more natural pace. A pace where moments pass as they should, slowly and with peace.

When moments last as long as they should, things surface from your inner self that you forgot were once there. In my case, it was art. I have been sketching and coloring more than I planned. I love it. It is not perfect, but it is real. I want to try pastels, but all we have here is large white paper and crayons of endless shades. I know I am artistic since I have practiced graphic design for a few years with my varying business clients, but I didn’t know I really like drawing this much. I have to say that this is a better art form because it is actually an extension of you. With computer-aided graphic design you are handicapped because you use what is available. With drawing, you create whatever you can imagine. It’s a gift we’ve been given in creativity. No other animal in the known world has such a consciousness.

On one last point, I designed and ordered business cards for Lacy and I. For Lacy, we designed cards that featured a steak and Mediterranean restaurant that Lacy markets. Contact information on one side and a lined side on the back that is labeled “Incentives” so she can give businesses in the area a decent reason to come try the food out. For myself, I designed a rounded card for Small Presence. that had a currently non-existent email address and a 702 phone line that was running Asterisk and will be again soon. I’ll have email and VOIP running on my VPS server soon and then I’ll start handing out the cards. We only order 100 of each design as we are unsure of how many we will end up using soon.

That’s the review so far. To sum it up, I’d say this week has been renewing for me. I’ve given more thought as to how I will accomplish my goals and which ones will empower me sooner. Those are the ones I am focusing my energy into, now that I have energy to focus again.

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