About The Blog

This blog is for those who want to leave the rat race and live a more flexible, controlled, decided life.

You don’t have to work 9-5 to make a living. I’ll show you how. You can be successfully self-employed.

About Me

My name is Brenden Soares and I started this blog almost exactly 1 2 3 years ago when I was 21. My original goal for this blog was more selfish; I wanted to use it as a personal motivational tool for my own entrepreneurial projects. I knew I wanted to help others avoid any problems I ran into in my experiences, but I didn’t have a plan on how exactly I would do that. Since then, I have grown a lot. I have read, tried, failed and tried again.

I haven’t reached all of my goals, but who has? I have learned a good deal, though. I have refined my ideas and ideals on being self-employed and I’m more ready now than ever to share them with those who are searching for advice.

Personally, I enjoy imagining and creating. I love design and engineering. Challenging problems always intrigue me, sometimes to my detriment. I maintain Bona Fide OS Development and also am growing Small Presence. I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. My goal when it comes to supporting my wife and I is to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Thank goodness for the Internet!

I also enjoy gardening and studying the Bible. I play guitar, clarinet, piano and FL Studio. I am learning to paint and draw as well. I think I have ADD, because my attention span is..oh look! A butterfly! Anyway, I love to think. Now I’m working on executing the following through part.

Peace be your journey, live long and prosper and I’ll be seeing you around.