How to Be More Creative

I found this BBC interview of Steven Johnson about his new book, “Where Good Ideas Come From.” to be quite interesting. He touches on how we as humans innovate, ways for businesses today to be thought leaders and tells us what is key to being more creative…

So, as a self-employed human being striving to develop your talents further, how can you be more creative? Be eclectic.

One way Princeton WordNet definess eclectic is “selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas.”

When it comes to music, art, movies, language, hobbies, reading and so on you should never be so predictable in your choices. When some people do this they say they’re in a rut. They keep doing the same things over and over again.

This is even more true when it comes to our relationships. Never limit yourself to just one race, language or nationality. Of the hundreds of possible cultural combinations (nations, languages, traditions, religion) only one could logically be the original. That means all the rest have developed and progressed by mixing with other types of peoples. Those that have flourished were open societies. So be an open mind and be ready to grow!

All that said, absorb as much as you can from your surroundings, take the best of everything and then do something great!

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