Rogue Agent:Week 1 Review

The first week of being a secular Rogue Agent has been amazing! I went full ahead for 3 days straight knocking off items on my long delayed list of to dos. I made a lot of progress on tasks that needed to be done, but that I never had enough mental energy for. It feels great!

It’s also been very nice having the flexibility to get up and go when I need to. My life balance is being held up by a weekly schedule that Lacy and I have drafted. We’re ironing out the wrinkles as time goes on. So far I’m dedicating at least 22 hours of work per week on Tuesday thru Thursday. This leaves the other 4 days open for other goals we’re working on(mostly personal/spiritual goals).

I am focusing on Small Presence right now, but I am also extending myself to another friend who is working on his own small business. I am collaborating with him on his web presence while he has done some awesome illustration work for Small Presence. I’ll reveal more on that later.

As I type this, I have to say fear is creeping in. I’m getting a little anxious with the timeline needed for me to be successful, but as the Bible says, who can add 3 feet to his life by worrying? Deep breathes and determined focus will get me by the low points on this roller coaster ride.

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