Advent: Choosing my path

I never saw this coming.

Here I am, figuratively standing on the edge of a gaping abyss with no where to go but forward. Ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? If not, then find a way to see it and you’ll understand that this leap of faith isn’t easy.

There is only one difference. I have to choose between more than just one path, unlike Indiana Jones.

On one hand I have Small Presence, which is finally getting along as planned. I’m finishing off the basic version of my SP for project management. I’ve made a few estimates for potential clients. I’ve close a couple deals. I’m training two developers to work with me on future work. I have one designer I’m wokring with. I’m getting to grips with my own self-value and how much I charge clients(at times I feel I’m overcharging, but I know the skills I am delivering are worth it, and at a bargain rate for small business owners). The process is really starting to smooth itself out.

On the other hand I have Street Savers Network, Thumb Media Group, Cog Feed, Bona Fide, Frozyo, a Secret Project, and this Blog.

Street Savers promises income now and for the following year as a Salesman and then shifting into managing the web presence. It’s a venture that a friend of mine is undertaking and I’m behind him backing it up.

Thumb Media Group promises some work now and stocks in an IPO. That’s a long term opportunity, but stocks are worth less than the paper they’re printed on unless the product goes places. So it’s a risky choice to bet all my time on, though the concept is game changing.

Cog Feed, Bona Fide, Frozyo, the Secret, and this Blog are wishes and dreams that I haven’t really planned for. Bona Fide is the lowest on the totem pole as I just manage it to keep it going. Cog Feed is the spawn of the idealist in me that thinks he can sit around teaching people with $9.99 ebooks. Frozyo is a cool idea that is trying to ride the frozen yogurt trend. This Blog is more of an intellectual outlet for my ADHD-ish mind. The secret is a secret, so don’t ask.

So many choices and that’s really not the end of it. There are still other ideas that are sitting, wishing, waiting(Jack Johnson). So how do I choose?

I fear that my diverse interests will destroy my life. One thing I have realized is that life goes by fast, but I think it is worth it to allow ideas to ferment a bit before you focus on them. More importantly, it is important to focus on one thing at a time. The others can wait. They will wait.

In the end, I’m moving forward on Small Presence, because it’s been in planning for about a year and I know what needs to be done with that right now, in the present. Not to mention, it’s within reach. That’s the path I’m going to choose, but I’m also diversifying my options.

Here are 3 Small Presence clients that will allow me future opportunities:

  1. I am doing work for TMG and looking for a small share of stocks.
  2. I am supporting my buddy with SSN and I’ll probably spend 10 hours a week selling for him.
  3. I am working with another friend on his web app and getting a concept for Frozyo worked out.

What would you do if you were me?

Can’t say you don’t have options B! Read this and thought of you.

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