GnuCash: Free Bookkeeping That Works

GnuCash: Free Accounting Software - Review

GnuCash: Free Accounting Software - Review

GnuCash is a a free and open source accounting tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s local, can export data to Quicken, Quickbooks, etc (via XML and 3rd party tools) and it can easily import your transactions directly from many online business bank accounts (like Bank of America).

My Review

I started with a simple spread sheet years ago. That worked for a while, but then my transactions started growing. So, I started using, but that isn’t very comprehensive. It worked for a while, but I want a better view of my business’s financial health.

Enter GnuCash. This is something I’ve been waiting a long time for from the open source community.

It was easy to download & install. It has decent documentation and online support. All the features looks official as far as accounting terms. I love how it comes with the expected financial reports like cash flow and profit & loss, but it also allows you to create your own custom reports.

Since it’s open, my new bookkeeper can use it without any extra cost to me. She’ll also find it familiar with other accounting software in many ways.

It’s pretty simple. It’s free. It works. It’s extensible.

4 out of 5 stars!

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