What Apple doesn’t know

You think they would learn from their own choices…

Mac rebuilt their OS on an open source Unix kernel and it gave them great flexibility with the tech crowd. You can run so many development tools on OS X natively while at the same time having quality software at your fingertips(think Adobe). However, their iPhone OS is a different story.

Let it be said that the iPhone is a wonderful piece of hardware. No really, it is. I’ve never seen so many features packed into such a small yet usable device. Wifi, high speed USB, real-world-aware accelerometer, advanced IR-based proximity detection, GPS functionality, high resolution camera, microphone, speakers, and cellular technology. Not to mention a powerful CPU and impossibly crisp and similarly beautiful capacitive multi-touch screen. A very high bar has been set indeed for all mobile device manufacturers.

With that said, Apple has failed to make this hardware accessible. It has made their platform a barbwired-trespassers-will-be-shot-except-for-select-big-business-monopolic-corporations Pandora’s box. They’ve done this with so-called “private frameworks”. Why? Because they don’t want anyone developing features that would rival what they already produce. That’s pretentious. Microsoft already had their ride on the antitrust court coaster. I think it’s Apple’s turn.

I predict that Apple will lead the market for a short time more, but, as has been demonstrated time and again, a more open competitor will begin soaking up producers(software developers) and thus consumers. Apple should take heed now before this comes to be pure hindsight.

What doesn’t Apple know? The more people you share your ideas and abilities with the more you yourself will benefit. In the words of Guy Kawasaki, “eat like a bird, poop like an elephant.”

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