Brenden’s Life Update Mar 18

Well, I’m married now. I love it. Lacy is my best friend and we’re having a ton of fun starting our new life together. We are getting all the basic essentials for our new house here in Las Vegas. We’re keeping it simple, though. A lot of our friends and family gave us very nice gifts, money, and mismatched furniture. It’s been great. We also had an awesome honeymoon in Catalina Island, Ca.

Besides all that, life is good in general. I am slowly working on Small Presence and reconsidering other projects of mine like,,, and so on. I’m trying to see what can be done with this blog as well. I think I’d like to try to develop it in to a community for new entrepreneurs. We’ll see how that goes. My own goals are not as ambitious as they once were. I’ve found my own  goals in life are rather simple and consist of making enough money to pay the bills and save up for other things like world travel and my ministry(which is an important part of my personal life, that is my faith).

I’ve been a little behind on posting here first because of my honeymoon, but second because I’ve been sick with a nasty cold. I’m back to 90% capacity, though. I’ll be posting here more soon. I have plenty of drafts, just need to find time to finish them. I’ll probably start re-posting relevant articles from other blogs soon to start building awareness of my own blog here.

This blog still serves as my epicenter for escaping the rat race of daily secular work. I live a simple life, plan to continue living simply, and desire to provide for my wife and myself. I hope I can develop this vision of my ideal life sooner rather than later as I am still involved in a full time work week.

What about you? Do you have any aspirations for working less or living more simply?

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