First Project Post: Small Presence

In keeping this blog up to date with my personal start-up efforts, I now proudly introduce to you Small Presence.

In brief, Small Presence is slated to be a hassle-free hosting solution for small business owners who don’t want to have to learn about every minute deal of having an online presence; they simple want to know that they have an effective one.

I have a small hand full of past design clients that I have worked with over the last couple years while doing freelance design and web development. Using these relationships, I am going to develop SP into an industry icon for quality support and reliability. I already have a dedicated VPS system up and running with custom PHP and Apache installs. I plan on migrating all my current clients to this new setup and gradually building SP’s operational protocols based on their needs.

There will be no guess work when it comes to the services SP will offer and the methods in which SP will achieve them. This is going to be a custom developed solution based soley on the needs of SP’s audience, small business owners.

I might be uploading some web design concepts for SP as well as some basic financial forecasting spreadsheets that I have been working on. I won’t hide much of anything, that way everyone that follows the project will be able to learn as much as possible while giving feedback to have their share in SP’s future. Some may question this decision, but honestly there are already hundreds, if not more, small web hosts out there. So sharing my steps is not going to hurt my entry into the market.

I have already started, but here is a quick step-by-step plan:

  1. get a VERY simple DBA filing in my personal name
  2. get a tax Id number
  3. setup a bank account
  4. apply for an online merchant account to accept credit card payments
  5. setup a very basic web site online
  6. begin developing the client interface so that I can track client needs and work requests

Check back soon for more details and updates

Hi Brenden,
Sounds like an awesome project! Thanks for sharing your tips on working from home, let us know how Small Presence is going!


Thanks Jessica. I’ll be posting another update soon about some choices in direction as far as niche market and business development. :)

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